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Care of resurrection ferns -- tips and tricks

How to grow resurrection ferns -- tips and tricks
What are resurrection ferns?

A resurrection fern (Pleopeltis polypodioides) is a species of fern native to the Gulf Coast in the USA. It is commonly found in Florida, Mississippi, and southern Louisiana (near New Orleans). It is a small plant with monomorphic green fronds and a rhizome, and it grows as an epiphyte. It prefers oak trees as its usual host in its native environment, but can be attached to other types of tree.

The resurrection fern is not considered a parasite as it derives no nutrients from its host.

Care of your resurrection fern

How to grow resurrection ferns -- tips and tricks Mounting your resurrection fern

The resurrection fern can be left on a section of its original bark, but that bark can also be mounted onto a slab such as cork or tree fern for ease of watering.

Use fishing line or hemp cording to secure the bark to the mount, then add a stainless steel hook to the top of the mount to hang it.

Watering your resurrection fern

Resurrection ferns require a high humidity environment. Outside of its native environment, they do best in a closed terrarium or vivarium.

Note: Resurrection ferns are an excellent companion plant for amphibians and small reptiles.

How to grow resurrection ferns -- tips and tricks If the humidity level drops below 75%, the fern will go dormant. This means they turn from green to brown, and the fronds will fold in upon themselves. For all practical purposes, the plant appears dead, and it can reportedly stay in that state for several years until conditions are more favourable.

To water your resurrection fern so it will turn green again, soak the entire mount in water for up to 24 hours. This will cause the plant to revive.

Fertilizer for your resurrection fern

A dilute gentle fertilizer meant for epiphytes is best for a resurrection fern. This should be applied no more than once a month for a small mounted fern.

Lighting for your resurrection fern

The resurrection fern in its native environment grows in the shady limbs of trees. It prefers a part sun to full shade location.

Propagation of your resurrection fern

The resurrection fern can be propagated by the spores visible on the undersides of the fronds. The spores are released in summer and early autumn.

It can also be propagated by dividing the rhizomes. Simply cut a rhizome into two smaller sections and attach each to a base or mount. New fronds should grow from each rhizome section.

Happy growing!

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