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Easy pink flamingo costume ideas


Sew a pink flamingo costume
If you’re thinking about dressing as a pink flamingo for that next costume party, you’re in the right place. It’s easy to make a custom pink flamingo costume from everyday clothing items, sew your own pink flamingo costume, or you might choose to simply buy a pink flamingo costume (much less fun, though). With just a little creativity, you can have a unique pink flamingo costume for Halloween, Mardi Gras, or masquerade parties.

Make a pink flamingo costume

Unfortunately for those who would sew their own flamingo costume, there are only one commercial pattern available, which is long out of print: Simplicity 3663 (Child Bird Costumes). It is however possible to adapt any other bird costume pattern to become a flamingo costume with some changes to the beak shape and the fabrics chosen. Sew your chosen bird pattern with a pink plush or furry fabric to emulate feathers and add black detailing to the edges of the wings and beak.

Create a pink flamingo costume at home

It is possible to assemble an elegant lawn flamingo costume from parts. Wear a pink shirt with a pink tutu and silver tights, and add a pink feather boa and headpiece. You can accessorize your lawn flamingo costume with a feathered headpiece.

Pink corsets

Your corset can cover -- or not -- as much as you think appropriate.

Pink feather boas

You can't have a flamingo without feathers. Boas a quick way to add feathers to your costume.

Pink tutus

A bit of fluff can add glamour to an otherwise boring costume.

Black stockings and shoes

Since this is a live pink flamingo, keep in mind that your costume is mimicking their legs. Go with black tones on your lower body.

Pink feather headpiece

Again, your costume needs feathers to look right. Add a feathered headpiece to complete your look.

Buy a pink flamingo costume

Pink flamingo costumes for women and children

Not as cool as a handmade costume, but you can also just buy a pink flamingo costume for yourself and accessorize with silver stockings and shoes.