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Pink flamingo Christmas decoration ideas


Have a pink flamingo Christmas
Not all parts of the world have snow at Christmas. For those in the Florida area (or those who wish they were), decorating for Christmas with pink flamingos is a natural choice. Why choose to display a snow-covered village when you can have pink flamingos wearing Santa hats? There are strings of Christmas lights and even pink flamingo ornaments perfect to decorate your flamingo Christmas tree.

Have a pink flamingo Florida style Christmas! It’s the perfect theme for a fun kitsch Christmas.

Pink flamingo Christmas tree ideas

If you need just a little something to tuck into that Christmas stocking, think pink! There is a wide range of inexpensive pink flamingo gifts that would be perfect stocking stuffers. Pink flamingos aren’t considered “cheap kitsch” for nothing.

Pink flamingo Christmas tree decorations

Once you have your tree style, it’s time to decorate your tree. Pink flamingo lights and ornaments will enhance any kitsch holiday.

Pink flamingo Christmas ornaments

Pink flamingo Christmas lights

Santa flamingos

Even Santa gets into the pink flamingo spirit.

Pink flamingo Christmas yard art

Why stop at decorating inside the house? Decorate your entire yard for a pink flamingo Christmas!

Pink flamingo Christmas cards

Don't forget to share the flamingo Christmas kitsch with your friends and family. Pink flamingo Christmas cards are an easy way to show your flamingo love!