Pink flamingo gift ideas


pink flamingo gift ideas
Are you looking for a perfect pink flamingo gift? If you’re having trouble thinking beyond a pair of basic pink plastic lawn flamingos when it comes to gifts, check here first for more gift ideas.

Pink flamingos are such a kitsch icon that they appear on everything from laptop skins to kitchen canisters. With a little careful selection, it’s easy to find the perfect pink flamingo gift for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day — or just because!

Start small with pink flamingos

If you need just a little something to tuck into that Christmas stocking, think pink! There is a wide range of inexpensive pink flamingo gifts that would be perfect stocking stuffers. Pink flamingos aren’t considered “cheap kitsch” for nothing.

Pink flamingo stocking stuffers under $15

For a Key West home

If someone you know likes the Key West decorating style, they will love having a few more pink flamingos to decorate their home! You just can’t get enough of pink flamingos in the kitchen, the bathroom, even for your laptop.

Pink flamingo kitchen

Pink flamingo bathroom

Pink flamingo home decor

Pink flamingo laptop skins and accessories

Pink flamingo statues and figurines

Go for the obvious in pink flamingos


It may seen obvious, but the perfect gift for anyone who loves flamingos is a case of pink lawn flamingos. Why stop at a single pair on your lawn when you can have a whole flock? This case of authentic Don Featherstone pink flamingos is sure to please the flamingo lover in your life.