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How does your garden grow?


the gardens at flamingo crossing
Gardening is a big hobby of mine. I am in Hardiness Zone 7a (Middle Tennessee). I am disabled, so most of my garden is in containers or on mounts. At the moment, my primary interest is epiphytic plants, although I have several tabletop water gardens and rock gardens, terrariums, and a lot of bog plants.

My garden philosophy revolves around the idea that species plants are superior to any cultivar or hybrid plants. When plants are crossed for specific desirable traits, hardiness is almost never the desired trait. I find that most hybrids are fussy things that tend to die if I breathe on them wrong. Species plants are sturdier in my experience. If I am not growing a particular plant for the foliage, I give them ultimatums about blooming or finding a new home if they don't start looking lively.

When I'm not working on the plants, I birdwatch and feed all the critter visitors. We have hummingbirds, cardinals, finches, and a bunch of others who are gradually being identified. We also have tree frogs who visit the potting bench regularly.

Yard art is a guilty pleasure of mine. The weirder, the better. The current collection includes an entire flock of lawn flamingos, a clutter of garden gnomes, a cat-gargoyle, and a cement toad. I may have a problem, but I don't want a cure.

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